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How much does kitchen Remodeling cost?

Are you considering remodeling your Kitchen in Massachusetts or New Hampshire? This is the post content

It’s one of the most prudent places to make an improvement. It’s one of the top five home improvements with the highest ROI (return on investment) in terms of adding value to your home and recouping the costs should you sell. Before you grab the sledgehammer, know that how you go about this remodel will drastically impact the outcome.

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Kitchen Remolding Cost

Slow Your Remodel Roll

On average, a minor, modest kitchen remodel costs on average $12,000 to $118,000. More upscale remodels can soar past $50,000. It’s that minor, modest kitchen remodel, though, where you see the largest ROI of around 80%.

The specific remodeling choices will greatly influence that value scale. In other words, both the total cost and where those funds are applied will directly influence how effective the remodel is related to ROI.

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home in the foreseeable future, do remember that life is uncertain. Job, family dynamics, and other major life changes often don’t give notice. So, personal preferences can be a priority, but you should always keep resale value as a consideration.

Of course, ensuring quality work is completed by a professional contractor will also make a huge impact on the remodel’s value. Quality work most definitely isn’t the place to cut cost corners. And, in working with an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor from the start, you have a source of information and advice for your material and design selections.

If you’ve been binge-watching home improvement shows, it can be tempting to just start ripping out an outdated, dysfunctional kitchen or call the first contractor you Google. Don’t. Ask yourself a few questions first so that you can gather kitchen remodel ideas that you both like and contribute to value, and you’ll better understand the facets that impact a kitchen remodel cost and value.

Align Your Kitchen for Value, Aesthetics, Cost, And Quality

To Reface or Replace?

Your kitchen cabinets are the centerpiece of the kitchen. Replacing vs. replacing will be a major cost and aesthetic decision. This element alone typically takes up 50% of your budget if you go with new cabinets. Refacing is a way to slash the cabinet budget in half. You have three main options:

Refinish with fresh paint. Install new wood or veneer over existing materials. Install new doors and drawers, but you’ll leave the framework of the old cabinets and refinish with fresh paint.

Which option you choose comes down to your budget and existing materials. The first option is the least costly, but installing new doors and drawers is still far less expensive than replacing the entirety of your cabinetry. Unsure what’s best for your look and budget? Call a New England contractor for an estimate. They’ll be able to give you an exact cost of replacing with your preferred materials vs prices for the refinishing options.

What Countertops Should Go In?

Countertop options are vast. Premium kitchen countertops, such as marble, bamboo, zinc, and stainless steel will also be a huge chunk of your kitchen remodel cost.

Quartz, laminate, ceramic tile, and even granite are more budget-friendly and easy to maintain.

At $10-$40 per square foot, laminate is overall your least expensive traditional option, but it’s also the least durable. Some also feel that it looks cheap, especially with wear and tear from scorches and cuts.

Ceramic tile can be cheaper, starting at just $18 per square foot, but that all depends on the quality and size of the tile. Do keep in mind that you’ll have grout lines in your countertop with this option.

At $40-60 per square foot, granite is one of the most popular materials. Tiles are available, but it’s most often installed in slabs that your contractor will custom-fit. This is a durable option, and it seldom requires a seam. Look at modular granite, which runs around $45-85 per square foot, if a slab is out of your price range.

You might also consider less traditional options, such as a poured cement countertop. At $20-$45 per square foot, the material is very affordable and durable. However, the reason this is considered a high-end countertop is the labor, tools, and artistry that goes into the design.

As you decide, take advantage of your contractor’s expert knowledge. They can often guide you on the materials that fit best with your home’s style, personal preferences, and budget.

How To Add Personality with Backsplashes?

Use your backsplash as the area to add personality to your kitchen with ceramic, wood, glass, metal, stones, etc. The options for materials, textures, colors, patterns, and so on are limitless.

Application is also very diverse. You can do the entirety, a pop behind appliances, or just around the cabinetry and countertop gaps. Each choice impacts the overall cost of the project.

Of course, with choice, cost is naturally diverse. Your backsplash can start at $35 per foot and soar to $200 per foot for customized artisan products.

Again, use your contractor to help you match a comfortable cost with a functional product and visually appealing look.

Keep Function in Mind with Appliances

While that impressive $7,000 professional stove and range and $6,000 refrigerator look stunning on a showroom floor, you likely won’t ever recoup the cost of installing such in an average home. Unless a professional cook, it’s also function overload for most homeowners.

Given that many mid-range appliances offer a similar look and performance for a fraction of the price, you’ll need to ask yourself how much of your kitchen remodel budget you want to go to appliances based on looks alone.

In most cases, it’s better to look at efficiency features, such as induction cooking ovens and dual-compressor refrigerators. Many remodelers use savings here to discuss upgrade options to their sinks. Matching sinks to appliances and overall design make for impressive function and visuals.

Finish is also a cost consideration. Stainless is a popular option, but did you know that finishes come in eight to 30-gauge steel? The higher the gauge, the more costly the product. The main difference you’re paying for is sheen and texture.

Are You Ready to Start Your Kitchen Remodel?

In closing, the vastness of choice often leaves many homeowners confused and directionless. A professional contractor can be invaluable in first sorting out your kitchen remodel ideas for effectiveness, efficiency, and cost and then implementing your plan with quality workmanship.

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