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Is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets?

It is fascinating to know that a remodeled kitchen would look more attractive and serve better than the old design. Besides, remodeling may not be as costly as building a new kitchen, hence cost-effective. You might be surprised that refacing your kitchen cabinets would take less time than when you opt to construct brand-new ones.

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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

How is refacing kitchen cabinets done?

The three-day process entails remodeling the cabinets in a manner that would look appealing and serve the same purpose. For instance, cabinet refacing would imply that you replace the doors and drawers or paint the entire room. Removing cabinet doors, and drawers, modification, fixing hinges, installing new doors, and fixing other accessories such as lighting and glass panels may be what a skilled contractor would have to focus on when remodeling.

The cost implication for refacing versus rebuilding

Before you consider remodeling, you must be ready to part with some cash; thus, budgeting is crucial. Even though the refacing option is less costly, you wouldn't want to buy the idea without considering the budget before making an informed decision. Nevertheless, your decision is subject to functionality.

If you want a new kitchen that would serve better purposes, such as occupying a vast space, you will consider rebuilding instead of refacing, a project that would take close to two months. However, if the kitchen's design and layout impress you, remodeling could be the ideal option. The cost implication for a remodeled kitchen could be at least 50% of a new kitchen.

Advantages of remodeling a kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is a cost-effective approach to improving the look of your kitchen. Building a new kitchen requires a lot of financial commitment, implying that you have to deny yourself some luxury or acquire loans for the same, especially if you have not budgeted for it. Besides, remodeling your kitchen saves you time that would be spent on constructing a new one.

Another advantage of cabinet refacing is that you would retain the same design and layout. If you love your kitchen's design, layout, and outlook, remodeling will imply that you have a similar layout and an improved appearance. On the other hand, you can improvise the kitchen's appearance to feature a different design, especially when you want your cabinets and drawers to move to a different site.

Disadvantages of refacing kitchen cabinets

This idea might not be delightful for several reasons. For example, you may have to apply finishing on the wood veneers. This process includes adding varnish, which could be costly. There is a little that you can do to change the kitchen's layout. If you have a footprint for kitchen design, then refacing may not be considered as there is too little that you can do to change a kitchen's layout.

Giving your kitchen a different look is a significant idea. Assessing the pros and cons of this project may be vital before making a conclusive decision. However, several factors, such as cost, advantages, and disadvantages, are essential for a kitchen refacing decision.


It's true that deciding whether or not to reface kitchen cabinets can seem like a straightforward choice, but it's important to consider all of the available options and weigh the benefits against the cost of the project, especially if you're in the New England area.

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