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Is It Better to Replace or Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Make an informed choice between replacing or reface kitchen cabinets by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each approach

Are you preparing to give your kitchen a makeover? Wondering whether you should replace or reface your kitchen cabinets?

While both options can improve the kitchen’s appearance and increase the home’s value, you still have to choose what’s best for your needs and budget. Allow us to give you a detailed comparison of each option to help you decide which is the best option for your home.

a handyman adjusting a kitchen cabinet door hinge
Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

Improve the Kitchen Appearance

Kitchen cabinets go a long way toward defining the home’s functionality and the design of your kitchen. The kitchen area is the heart of the home. Updating the cabinets look and feel is often at the top of the list of a kitchen remodel project.  

Because cabinets define the house’s aesthetic and energy, upgrading them could be a cost-effective option to accomplish the wanted results without expensive renovation. Those who are looking for a new design for their kitchen cabinetry consider two possibilities – cabinet replacement or refacing.

A refaced kitchen with a central island and bar stools, showcasing a modern and inviting space for cooking and dining
A refaced kitchen with a central island showcasing a modern and inviting space

To Replace or Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet refacing involves changing the doors and drawer fronts of your old frames while replacing is changing the kitchen cabinetry completely, including the structures, design, colors, and materials.

Refacing is a less expensive and invasive technique, while replacement is more costly. At the end of a refacing project, you’ll enjoy a brand-new kitchen look with fresh colors and improved design. The boxes, the drawers, and the shelves remain in place, which is also a big advantage because it means you won’t have to move any of your kitchenware or re-organize your utensils.

If you like the design of your current cabinetry and the functionality it provides but don’t like the finish, you can apply a new coat of paint to improve the kitchen’s look. Some homeowners install new doors while others repaint the current ones. Whatever option you decide to take, the cost to reface cabinets vs. the cost to replace cabinets will always be lower and more affordable for homeowners. For example, the cost to reface is around $100-150 per drawer and door. Replacing them starts from around $300 per door and drawer (depending on the material).

Reasons to reface your kitchen cabinets:

  • The cabinets are in good, preserved condition.

  • You love the function and usability of your existing cabinets.

  • The doors are outdated, and new doors would make a huge difference.

In some cases, replacing kitchen cabinetry is not an option. Upgrading the look of your old cabinets does nothing to improve their functionality. If your current cabinets are poorly designed and installed, paying to reface them would be like throwing money away.

If your kitchen is old, your cabinets are probably starting to show signs of mold, indicating that it is time to replace them with new ones. Over time, wood and other materials start to warp, and refacing the cabinet doors doesn’t solve the problem.

Reasons to replace your kitchen cabinets:

  • Your cabinet doors are not functional and cause chaos in your kitchen.

  • The exterior of the cabinetry is starting to peel.

  • The shelves are starting to deteriorate due to water damage, wear, and tear.

How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets and Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen

If you like your kitchen cabinet layout but want to upgrade the room’s look, refacing your kitchen cabinets is the right thing to do.

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We will help you turn your kitchen dreams into reality. Trust our experts to help you.

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