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What are Semi-Custom Cabinets?

Many homeowners find semi-custom cabinets offer the perfect kitchen remodeling solution. It gives you beautiful cabinets with all the styles and functions you want. Resurfacing existing cabinets saves you a lot of money and happens fast. You'll have an awesome new kitchen in days, not months. Kitchen cabinet styles popular now appear very different than a decade or two ago. Yet, cabinets haven't changed much since they became permanent wall units. Decor styles and finishes have altered their look over the years. Yet, a cabinet is still a basic wooden box attached to the wall. Some have doors with shelves inside, others offer a chest of drawers. So, new cabinets give you the same thing as those installed decades ago. They're also a major part of kitchen remodeling costs. Guess what? There's no need to replace your existing cabinets unless:

  • They are literally falling apart.

  • You're completely reconfiguring the kitchen.

a handyman assembling kitchen cabinets
Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Process of Installing Semi-Custom Cabinets

Ripping out well-made cabinets to get the latest wood finish or style makes no sense. Not when you can easily turn them into your dream kitchen. Resurfacing isn't like painting the cabinets to freshen up the kitchen. Resurfacing dramatically alters their exterior in a far more durable way. It can also include repairs and adding modern functionality.

Resurfaced cabinets aren't lesser quality than new ones. Yet, you save a significant amount of money. The surfacing materials we use are all beautiful and will remain so for years. The doors and drawer fronts are all made at the same time. Stained wood or laminate, everything matches perfectly.

Budget Considerations

Return on investment gives you another reason to strongly consider cabinet resurfacing. Expensive kitchen remodels now carry less weight when selling homes in Massachusetts. Beautiful kitchens do attract buyers. Yet, they don't want to pay extra for major remodels. Minor kitchen remodeling does pay off. This includes resurfaced cabinets and improved functionality. Bankrate reports that in 2022 the average cost recouped is 77%.

The one thing you cannot alter with semi-custom cabinets is cabinet size. You can add as many standard-sized cabinets as you need. It doesn't matter if they match the old cabinets. Resurfacing makes them all look the same. Once wrapped with the same laminate or wood, no one can tell the difference. Alex, from Ideal Home Improvement, has said, "We change all doors and drawer fronts, erasing the wear and tear they get. We also replace all the moldings and can add popular trim accents", when discussing refacing cabinets.

You can have all that great drawer and cabinet organization or functionality too. They are easily added with slide-in modifications. That's exactly how they're installed in all new kitchen cabinets.

Resurfacing allows for amazing transformations. You can turn a traditional-style kitchen into a sleek contemporary one. It can go the other direction too, changing modern cabinets to give you Old World or classic farmhouse looks.

How much do semi-custom cabinets cost? Well, that depends on your needs and dreams. Every kitchen remodeling project is different. Especially with older homes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We'd love to give you an estimate. Contact us to learn more and discuss the details.

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