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What Does Refacing Cabinets Mean

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

A clean kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors, after refacing
Transformed Hampstead NH kitchen with our Cabinet Refacing Service.

When planning a kitchen remodel, many homeowners may not realize that refacing cabinets is an option. While purchasing all new cabinets is certainly one way to do it, most homeowners can achieve the look of a brand-new kitchen by simply refacing their cabinets, a process that can cost just a fraction of a makeover and totally transform a living space.

What is Refacing?

Refacing cabinets basically involves replacing the doors and fronts of existing cabinetry. The process is generally the same:

·         Assuming the current cabinets are structurally sound, the doors and drawer fronts are removed.

·         The surface frames, doors, and drawer fronts are all treated with a fine layer of veneer or laminate.

·         Precise measurements are taken to ensure all components match and are in line with each other. 

·         If the existing hinges, drawer pulls, and handles are in good working condition, they can be reused. There is also the option of installing brand-new hardware.

·         Additionally, optional features can be added such as molding, glass inserts, or lighting.

Why Choose Refacing Over Replacing?

While many homeowners may initially consider a whole kitchen remodel, the high cost and extended timeframe often make for a huge deterrent. Laminate kitchen cabinet refacing offers lower costs and quick turnaround with less disruption to your schedule. Many jobs can often be completed within a few days. Also, a skilled kitchen remodeling contractor can offer you before and after pictures before your cabinet refacing project gets under way. This way, their clients can visualize the finished product beforehand. The quicker turnaround timeframe is also an advantage, since families can often enjoy full use of their kitchen even while the work is being done—a huge plus for households with young children.

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Cost is usually a driving factor when it comes to refacing cabinets, with many homeowners anxious to keep down their expenses. Also, when considering refacing cabinets, many consumers are attracted to the idea of reusing their existing cabinetry. Since the framework is reused, there is less waste and landfill use. This makes it a green option as well, since many customers are increasingly eco-conscious and anxious to reduce their carbon footprint. Finally, many homeowners who are looking to sell their current home may opt for cabinet refacing, since it can deliver a huge facelift to their kitchen without a large price tag. 

Cons of Refacing Your Cabinets

Of course, one of the major drawbacks to simply refacing your cabinets is that you don’t have the option of totally reconfiguring your kitchen layout. Also, not all cabinets can support every reconfiguration, which can be an issue to homeowners seeking to add storage space. Some DIYers may find that the structure of their existing cabinetry just isn’t strong enough to support any changes. When adding additional hardware like handles or drawer pulls, some homeowners are often surprised to learn just how quickly the costs add up.

No matter which company you choose to reface your cabinets, it’s important that you find a well-established company that is willing to work within your budget and can offer expert insight toward making your vision a reality.  

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